Queen Naija Net Worth in 2024!

Hi there, Explore Queen Naija Net Worth at Gift-nifty. Queen Naija is a famous singer and social media star who is thought to be worth a lot of money in 2024. Many people know Queen Naija from her music videos and Instagram posts about her personal life and music. She is getting richer thanks to her success as a singer, as well as brand deals and selling merchandise. Queen Naija is one of the most famous people in entertainment today, and her net worth shows how successful she is in both the music business and social media.

Who is Queen Naija

Queen Naija Bulls (born October 17, 1995) is an American singer and media personality. She started her career as a YouTube blogger and was on the thirteenth season of American Idol. She was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Her 2017 single, “Medicine” peaked within the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 and led her to sign with Capitol Records the following year. The song and its 2018 follow-ups, “Karma” and “Butterflies,” were all certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). They came out before her self-titled debut EP, which peaked at number 26 on the Billboard 200. Misunderstood (2020), Bulls’ first studio record, reached number nine on the charts.

Queen Naija Net Worth

Being on the 13th season of American Idol was the start of Queen Naija’s rise to fame. Her time on the show opened doors for her, even though she didn’t make it to the top 30. She began her career as a YouTube vlogger and quickly got a large following.

Queen Naija Net Worth

Queen Naija’s net worth is estimated to be about 2.55 million dollars as of 2024. She became well-known through her songs and her use of social media, especially on Instagram and YouTube. Her fans hear about her songs, daily life, and adventures. She makes money from her music business as well as by working with brands and selling merchandise. She had problems, but she has built up a lot of money through her ability and online popularity, making her a well-known figure in entertainment and a rising star in the money world.

Queen Naija Net Worth

Queen Naija Net Worth 2023

Queen Naija’s revenue is $83.7K in 2023. The forecast is approximate and could vary within the range of $82K to $108.4K.

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Queen Naija Husband & other Personal info.

Name Queen Naija Bulls
Queen Naija BirthdayOctober 17, 1995
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan
Queen Naija Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
ProfessionSinger, songwriter, YouTuber
Queen Naija FatherMr. Naija
Queen Naija Mother Reeva Bulls
Queen Naija HusbandChris Sails
Queen Naija Age29 years
Queen Naija Net worth$2.55 Millions
Queen Naija YoutubeQueen Naija
Queen Naija Instagramqueennaija
Queen Naija FacebookQueen Naija
Queen Naija TwitterQueen Naija
Queen Naija

Queen Naija Career

Queen Naija Bulls is a famous singer and YouTuber who has built a successful business that goes beyond her channel. Let’s look at some of the other ways she makes money:

Queen Naija Music Career

Queen Naija’s singing career took off after she was on American Idol. “Medicine,” her first song, was a big hit when it came out in 2017. In 2018, her second song, “Karma,” came out, which added to her success in the music business. These songs topped the charts and received platinum awards from the RIAA. “Misunderstood,” Queen Naija’s first record, came out in 2020 and got good reviews. She has been able to make money from her songs through record deals, streaming royalties, touring, and selling merchandise.


Queen Naija is well-known in the fashion world, and she has taken advantage of her fame by starting her line of products. Fans can show their support for the skilled artist by buying clothes and other items from her website. Not only does Queen Naija connect with her fans more deeply by selling products, she also makes extra money.

Brand Sponsorships

Many brands show interest in Queen Naija because she holds prominence in the entertainment industry. She has worked with several businesses as a brand ambassador, telling her big audience about their products and services. These partnerships not only help Queen Naija make money, but they also help her meet more people and connect with new fans.


Queen Naija Songs

Song TitleSongwriters
KarmaQueen Naija Bulls / Rob Grimaldi / Jefferson Jean
MedicinePatrick Planer / Queen Naija
Lie to MeDurk Banks / Queen Naija Bulls / Warren Felder / Etterlene Jordan / Jaucquez Lowe / Alex Niceforo / Keith Sorrells
ButterfliesQueen Naija Bulls / Rob Grimaldi / Jefferson Jean / Kaleb Rollins / Marc Anthony Soto
Butterflies, Pt. 2Queen Naija Bulls / Rob Grimaldi / Jefferson Jean / Michael McCall / Pat McManus / Kaleb Rollins / Marc Anthony Soto / Nicholaus Williams / Michael Woods
Pack LiteBrian Anthony Bailey / Ricardo Brown / Warren Felder / Nathaniel Hale / Isaac Hayes / Sincere James / Craig Longmiles / Alex Niceforo / Queen Naija / Keith Sorrells / Andre Young
Bitter feat. LattoWadell Brooks / Queen Naija Bulls / Ivory Scott / Alyssa Stephens
Love LanguageQueen Naija Bulls / Michael McCall / Michael Woods
Game Over feat. BabyfaceRobert Bisel / Queen Naija Bulls / Kenneth Edmonds / London Jae / Khristopher Riddick-Tynes / Dylan Wiggins
War CryQueen Naija Bulls
One Time feat. ToosiiQueen Naija Bulls / Naujour Grainger / Khristopher Riddick-Tynes / Matthew Samuels / Jahaan Sweet / Leon Thomas / Christian Ward
I’m HerBrittany Barber / Leonard Brooks / Queen Naija Bulls / Edgar “JV” Etienne / Tiffany Johnson / Kiana Ledé / Charlton Ridgell / Harmony Samuels
BeautifulLeonard Brooks / Queen Naija Bulls / Edgar “JV” Etienne / Jeff Gitelman / Tiffany Johnson / Harmony Samuels
Set Him Up feat. Ari LennoxLiana Banks / Queen Naija Bulls / Ari Lennox / Michael McCall / Pat McManus / Kevin White / Michael Woods
Trial and ErrorQueen Naija Bulls / Tyler Williams
Too Much to SayDaniel Bryant / Queen Naija Bulls / Ronnie Jackson
Mama’s HandQueen Naija Bulls / Rob Grimaldi / Kaleb Rollins / Marc Anthony Soto
Mutual Agreement feat. Eric BellingerEric Bellinger / Queen Naija Bulls
No Fake Love feat. YoungBoy Never Broke AgainQueen Naija Bulls / Fabolous / Kentrell Gaulden / Nathaniel Hale / Richard Harrison / Morris Jones / Jaucquez Lowe / Timothy McKibbins / Julius Rivera III / Ricardo Thomas
Words of AffirmationQueen Naija Bulls / Mike Woods


In conclusion, many people think that Queen Naija, a well-known singer and social media star in 2024, has a large net worth. The show American Idol was the start of her fame, which grew with the help of her YouTube page and hit songs like “Medicine” and “Karma.” Queen Naija has made a lot of money from her music business, selling merchandise, and working with brands. Her net worth shows how successful she is in both the music business and social media, making her a well-known figure in show business.


What is Queen Naija’s birth name?

Queen Naija Bulls

Is Queen Naija married?

Queen Naija and Chris Sails were married from October 2014 to April 15, 2018.

How many award nominations has Queen Naija received?

6 nominations

When is Queen Naija birthday?

Queen Naija is an American R&B singer born on October 17, 1995 and currently 29 years old. Her hit singles ‘Medicine’ and ‘Karma’ best define her, while her YouTube videos have garnered millions of views.

What is the Net Worth of Queen Naija?

Queen Naija is estimated to have a net worth of $4M. A singer and songwriter, Naija gained a great deal of fame from YouTube and has since signed with RCA Records. Her wealth comes from her successful music career, various brand endorsements, and other business collaborations.

Is Queen Naija a celebrity?

Queen Naija is an American singer, songwriter and YouTube star.

How old is Queen Naija?

29 Years