Perry Stone Net Worth in 2024!

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Who is Perry Stone

Perry Stone is an American who talks about God in his books. He is a bishop and lives in Cleveland, Tennessee. Many people find him very interesting and nice. Perry goes to a church called Pentecostal. He has faith in Jesus and thinks that Jesus can save people. Perry authored many works, including “The Code of Sacred Scripture” and “How to Interpret Dreams and Visions.” This man is also in charge of a ministry called “Voice of Preaching” which is growing very quickly.

Perry Stone Net Worth

Perry Stone Net Worth

NetWorthSpot says the net worth of Perry Stone is $461,46,000. This means Perry Stone has a total of about $461,460 in assets, which includes money, land, and other valuable things. Some people may think this is a big number, but it’s important to remember that net worth can change over time because of things like income, investments, and costs. Still, Perry Stone is one of the very wealthy, which shows how successful he is as an author, preacher, and leader in faith-based work.

Perry Stone Net worth

Some people, though, think Perry Stone’s real net worth might be a lot more than that. Because of these other ways of making money, Perry Stone may be worth around $646,05,000.

Perry Stone Wife & Other Personal Info.

NamePerry Fred Stone
Perry Stone BirthdayJune 23, 1959
Place of BirthParsons, West Virginia.
Perry Stone Height6 feet
ProfessionAuthor, Evangelist
NationalityUnited States
Perry Stone FatherFred Stone
Perry Stone MotherAnna Stone
Perry Stone WifePamela
Perry Stone Age64 years
Perry Stone’s Net worth$461,46,000
Perry Stone YoutubePerry Stone
Perry Stone Instagramofficial_perrystone
Perry Stone FacebookPerry Stone Ministries
Perry Stone TwitterPerry Stone

Perry Stone Income, Earnings and Salary

Perry Stone is a popular YouTube program that started in 2011. It has made a lot of people curious about how much money it can make. But fans wondered what Perry Stone was worth. And how much does Perry Stone earn?

Advertising statistics shows that Perry Stone’s channel gets over 85,000 views every day, or 2.5 million views every month.

Anyway, he makes about $3,760.00 a month, and most of it comes from promotions and friends around the world. Perry Stone’s net worth, on the other hand, shows that he makes about $2,53K a month. To say it again, Perry Stone is thought to make around $150,000 a year.

Also, YouTube sites that make money from ads make a lot of money. In this way, the Just Sam YouTube page can make between $3 and $7 for every thousand views. However, he also makes money from sponsorships, affiliate fees, and product sales, all of which are much more valuable than ads.

Perry Stone Early Life and Education

Perry Stone is a famous person today. He was born on June 23, 1959, to Juanita Jean Stone (née Bava) (1935–2021) and Perry Fred Stone Sr. (1933–2011). These are the Perry Stone children: Diana, Philip, and Melanie.

Perry Stone Net Worth

Stone went to Lee University and Covenant Life Christian College and Theological Seminary in Rocky Top, Tennessee (formerly Coal Creek and Lake City), where he got his B.A. in theology.

Picture of Perry Stone House

Perry Stone Net Worth

Perry Stone Books

TitleWritten by
How To Interpret Dreams and VisionsPerry Stone
Breaking the Jewish CodePerry Stone
Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family TreePerry Stone
Unleashing the BeastPerry Stone
Secrets From Beyond the GravePerry Stone
The Meal That HealsPerry Stone
The Code Of the Holy SpiritPerry Stone
Opening the Gates Of HeavenPerry Stone
Angels On AssignmentPerry Stone
The Judas GoatPerry Stone
Deciphering End-Time Prophetic CodesPerry Stone
Exposing Satan’s PlaybookPerry Stone
Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled – Book SixPerry Stone
Scarlet ThreadsPerry Stone
Living In the Final ChapterPerry Stone
There’s a Crack In Your ArmorPerry Stone
This Season Of AngelsPerry Stone
Limpie Su Casa Y La De Su FamiliaPerry Stone
The Meal That Heals New Expanded EditionPerry Stone
Prophecies Concealed Now RevealedPerry Stone
Breath Of the HoliesPerry Stone
Como Interpretar Los Suenos Y Las VisionesPerry Stone
CMo Interpretar Los SueOs Y Las VisionesPerry Stone
Se Desata La BestiaPerry Stone
Angeles En MisionPerry Stone
Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book 5Perry Stone
The Revelation GenerationPerry Stone
The Final Ciphers and The Return Of ChristPerry Stone
Puertas Del Cielo AbiertasPerry Stone
La Cabra De JudasPerry Stone
Angels Among UsPerry Stone
El Alimento Que Sana the Meal That HealsPerry Stone
El Codigo Del Espiritu SantoPerry Stone
There’s a Crack In Your ArmorPerry Stone
Descifre Los Códigos Proféticos Del FinPerry Stone
Cordones EscarlatasPerry Stone
Nightmare Along Pennsylvania AvenuePerry Stone
Las Jugadas De Satanas ExpuestasPerry Stone


Finally, looking into Perry Stone’s net worth shows how much money this important person in the faith and church world has. NetWorthSpot says Perry Stone’s wealth comes from his success as an author, teacher, and leader in faith-based work. His net worth is $461,460. Some people think Perry Stone’s real net worth might be higher, but his financial history shows what he has done and how he has helped spread religious lessons. Perry Stone’s commitment to his mission and his writing continue to inspire and connect with people all over the world, regardless of his wealth. Perry Stone has had a huge impact on faith and spirituality, whether it’s through his books, sermons, or online presence. His effect goes far beyond his celebrity status.


How many uploads on YouTube Perry Stone has?

Perry Stone uploaded 1,979 videos on YouTube.

What is net worth of Perry Stone?

The net worth of Perry Stone is approximately $ 188K.

When Perry Stone uploaded first video?

Perry Stone has YouTube channel since 2011-07-26.

How many subs does Perry Stone have?

Perry Stone has 813,000 subs.

How much does Perry Stone make per 1000 views?

Perry Stone makes approximately $ 1.21 per 1000 views.

What is Perry Stone’s hometown?

The United States is Perry Stone’s hometown.

What Perry Stone does for living?

Perry Stone is a Radio personality, disc jockey and shock jock.

How much Perry Stone makes per month?

The income of Perry Stone is $ 1.59K.

How many video views does Perry Stone have?

Perry Stone has 154,933,596 video views.