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Hi there! Explore Jimmy Johnson (American sports coach) net worth at Gift-Nifty. After having a great career as a college coach, Jimmy Johnson was hired by the NFL. There was a national title for him with the University of Miami. He was hired by the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 to bring back to life their once-proud team. This piece talks about Jimmy Johnson net worth, age, career, and other things.

Jimmy Johnson

James William Johnson is an American who was born on July 16, 1943, and used to teach football. Johnson was a college football head coach from 1979 to 1988. After that, he worked for nine years in the NFL (National Football League). He is the first head football coach in college football history to win both the national title and the Super Bowl. The University of Miami won the first one, and the Dallas Cowboys won the second one.

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth

He came back in 1996 to lead the Miami Dolphins as their head coach. He stayed there until the 1999 season was over, and then he quit. Ever since he quit coaching, Johnson has worked as a commentator for Fox Sports and as one of the main hosts on Fox NFL Sunday. The Pro Football Hall of Fame inducted him in 2020, and the College Football Hall of Fame did the same in 2012.

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth: The well-known former American football coach Jimmy Johnson has made a name for himself in the game and is now worth a huge $170 million. A lot of people think Johnson is one of the best teachers, especially for college football. His important jobs at Oklahoma and Miami Universities show how he changed things.


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NameJimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Net Worth$170 million
Jimmy Johnson Monthly Income$2 Million
Jimmy Johnson Annual Income$15 Million


Full nameJames William Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Age79 years old as of July 2023
Jimmy Johnson Date of birth16 July 1943
Jimmy Johnson Place of birthPort Arthur, Texas
Jimmy Johnson NationalityAmerican
Jimmy Johnson Height5’8″ (1.73m)
Jimmy Johnson Weight72kg (158.7 lbs)
Jimmy Johnson EducationUniversity of Arkansas
Jimmy Johnson ProfessionFormer NFL coach, Current Sports Broadcaster
Current teamRetired
Universities coachedUniversity of Pittsburgh (Defensive Coach), University of Miami (Head Coach), University of Oklahoma (Assistant Coach and later Head Coach), The University of Arkansas (Defensive Coordinator)
Professional coachingMiami Dolphins (Head Coach), Dallas Cowboys (Head Coach)
Media careerContestant on Survivor, Sports Analyst at FOX Sports, Broadcaster at FOX NFL Sunday
Hall of FamePro Football Hall of Fame
Net Worth$170 million

Jimmy Johnson’s Early Life

He was born on July 16, 1943, in Port Arthur, Texas. Jimmy became interested in sports when he was in high school. He went to high school with singer Janis Joplin and actor G.W. Bailey, both of whom would go on to become famous.

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth

Johnson got into the University of Arkansas right away after high school and was put on the football team right away. Things got better for the Razorbacks over the next few months, and Jimmy was named to the all-Southwest Conference defensive line team. The Razorbacks also had a lot of great athletes, like Jerry Jones (later owner of the Dallas Cowboys), Ken Hatfield, Loyd Phillips, and many more. Also, Frank Boyles was the Razorbacks’ coach. Boyles is thought to be one of the best college football head teachers ever.

Early life

Johnson picked up a lot about how to play football from Broyles. In 1964, the Razorbacks won the national title because of this. Jimmy was called “Jimmy Jumpup” because he would jump up and down after being hit. He stayed a key member of the group.

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Jimmy Johnson Family

NameJimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson FatherGary Ernest Johnson
Jimmy Johnson MotherAllene Johnson
Jimmy Johnson SisterNot Known
Jimmy Johnson BrotherRafer Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Marital StatusMarried
Jimmy Johnson WifeRhonda Rookmaaker
Jimmy Johnson ChildrenChad Johnson and Brent Johnson

Coaching Career

He was as an assistant coach at Louisiana Tech University in 1965 that Johnson got his start as a teacher. His first job was as an assistant coach. After that, he became the head coach of the defensive line at the University of Oklahoma. He went back to his old school and became the defensive coordinator for the Arkansas Razorbacks in 1973. From 1977 to 1978, he worked at the University of Pittsburgh as both an assistant head coach and the defense coordinator.

Coaching Career

In 1979, Jimmy’s first job as a head coach was at Oklahoma State. He beat the Arkansas Razorbacks 51–7 as head coach of the Miami Dolphins after getting the team back together. Folks thought he was going back to the University of Arkansas to talk to him without telling him they had already hired someone else as head coach.

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Johnson’s first job in the NFL was with the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. He changed everything about the team and led them to back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 1992 and 1993. Jones, the owner, got into a fight with Johnson, and Jimmy chose to quit in 1994. He got a $2 million bonus. He wasn’t as good as everyone said he would be as head coach of the Miami Dolphins in 1996. In 1999, he quit his job.

Entertainment Career

After he retired, Johnson had no trouble going from being a teacher to working in show business. He’s an expert and has done a lot of work for Fox Sports. In 2020, he’ll be on “Fox NFL Sunday.” Jim is the best person to talk about college football games like the Bowl Championship Series. Jones also writes for Foxsports.com.

Entertainment Career

Johnson is also very good at acting. She has had small roles in TV shows like “The Shield” and “Coach.” He also got a small part in the Adam Sandler movie “The Waterboy.” Johnson is best known for his time on the 2010 season of “Survivor,” which took place in Nicaragua. He agreed that he had fun, but he also said it was “stressful” and that his health was always in doubt.

Johnson has been in TV ads for a number of different brands over the years. These names include ExtenZe, Procter & Gamble, and a fake company called Leading Edge.

Social Media Accounts

Social MediaAccounts
Jimmy Johnson InstagramJimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson FacebookJimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson TwitterJimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson YouTubeJimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Net Worth


Finally, the famous American football coach Jimmy Johnson is worth an amazing $170 million. The sports world will never be the same without him. Johnson’s work has been nothing short of amazing, especially considering how poor he grew up in Port Arthur, Texas. He has won a lot of big games in college football and the NFL. For example, he led the Dallas Cowboys to back-to-back Super Bowls, which is a historic win. People remember Johnson for more than just how good a coach he was.

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He also made a smooth move into show business and was strong in the face of problems and controversy. With a career that included sports, media, and entertainment, Jimmy Johnson is a great example of hard work and dedication. He captivated crowds and left an indelible mark on football and beyond.


Who is Jimmy Johnson?

American Sports Coach

Which teams were coached by Jimmy Johnson?

Jimmy Johnson coached at Oklahoma University, Miami University, and the Dallas Cowboys.

What is the net worth of Jimmy Johnson?

Jimmy Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be $170 million.

How old is Jimmy Johnson?

Currently, Jimmy Johnson is 80 years old (16 July 1943).

What is the height of Jimmy Johnson?

The height of Jimmy Johnson is 5 feet 8 Inch.