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Hi there! Explore Sanjiv Goenka (Billionaire entrepreneur) net worth at Gift-Nifty. Sanjeev Goenka, an Indian businessman, has a lot of money. He invests in businesses in their early stages and started and runs RPSG Group. This piece talks about Sanjiv Goenka net worth, career, age, and other things.

Sanjiv Goenka

He was born on January 29, 1961, in India, and is a businessman. Sanjiv began RPSG Group and is now its head. He also invests in new businesses. This global company is based in Kolkata and has US$6 billion in assets and US$4.3 billion in sales. He is also the owner of the Fortune Now Super Giants cricket team and the Mohun Bagan Super Giant ISL football team. Sanjiv is ranked number 83 in India and 1238 in the world by Forbes in terms of wealth. He was also on the Padma Award Board for 2023.

Sanjiv Goenka

A businessman from a Marwari family named Rama Prasad Goenka and Sushila Devi Goenka had him. He was born in Kolkata.

Sanjeev Goenka Net Worth

The well-known Indian billionaire and head of the RPSG Group, Sanjiv Goenka, runs a huge business empire out of Kolkata. It makes US$4.3 billion a year and has assets worth US$6 billion. He works with teams like the Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL and the Mohun Bagan Super Giants in the ISL.

Sanjeev Goenka Net Worth

Sajiv Goenka was born on January 29, 1961, in the Indian city of Mumbai. Rama Prasad Goenka and Sushila Devi Goenka, two well-known businesspeople, gave birth to him. Goenka had a great life because he grew up in a Marwari home.

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NameSanjeev Goenka
Sanjeev Goenka’s Net Worth in Rupees2,87,27,56,04,000 Rupees
Sanjeev Goenka’s Monthly IncomeNot Known
Sanjeev Goenka Annual IncomeNot Known
Sanjeev Goenka Net Worth in 2023$210 Crore


NameSanjiv Goenka
Sanjiv Goenka Date of birth29 January 1961
Sanjiv Goenka Age63
Sanjiv Goenka Place of birthKolkata
Sanjiv Goenka NationalityIndian
Sanjiv Goenka EducationBachelor of Arts/Science, Calcutta University
Sanjiv Goenka ProfessionEntrepreneur, Film Producer
Sanjiv Goenka ResidenceKolkata
Sanjiv Goenka Height5 ft 10 inches (1.78 m)
Sanjiv Goenka’s Net worth$3.44 Billion

Early life

He was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, on January 29, 1961. In business, he’s important. He was raised by Sushila Devi Goenka and Rama Prasad Goenka, who was a well-known businessman. His family is Marwari. Going to school here must have shaped his desire to be an entrepreneur and his business sense in a big way.

Early Life

His childhood most likely taught him values like loyalty, hard work, and drive, which have helped him succeed in many areas over the years. It’s interesting to think about how what someone went through as a child can affect how well they do as an adult.


NameSanjiv Goenka
Sanjiv Goenka FatherR. P. Goenka
Sanjiv Goenka MotherSushila Devi Goenka
Sanjiv Goenka BrotherHarsh Goenka
Sanjiv Goenka SisterN/A
Sanjiv Goenka Marital StatusMarried
Sanjiv Goenka WifePreeti
Sanjiv Goenka DaughterAvarna
Sanjiv Goenka SonShashwat


Samiv Goenka is an Indian businessman who helped start the RPSG Group and is now one of its heads. He has sold things worth US$4.3 billion and owns things worth US$6 billion. He also invests in new businesses. This is the main office of the RPSG Group, which is a global company. It has companies in a lot of different fields, like retail, media, entertainment, IT, industry, and education. He is a good boss and knows a lot about business, as everyone knows. Under his direction, the RPSG Group has grown and spread out a lot, becoming a major player in many fields.

Sanjiv Goenka Net Worth

Sanjiv Goenka House

On a one-acre plot, Sanjiv Goenka’s great-grandfather built a fancy house in Alipore, South Kolkata. He has lived there since he was born 53 years ago.

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Sanjiv Goenka Companies

He is associated with several companies, including.

  • RPSG Group
  • CESC Limited
  • Spencer’s Retail Limited
  • Music World Entertainment
  • Firstsource Solutions Limited
  • Saregama India Limited
  • Lucknow Super Giants (IPL cricket team)
  • Mohun Bagan Super Giant (ISL football team)

Awards & Achievements

Many awards and honors have been given to Sanjiv Goenka for his work in business and society, such as:

  • Padma Bhushan (2016) – India’s third-highest civilian honor.
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2006).
  • Businessman of the Year Award by Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2005).
  • FICCI Business Excellence Award (2014).
  • Lifetime Achievement Award by the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2019).

Sanjiv Goenka Business

Goenka runs the $4 billion RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group. Its main office is in Kolkata. The group is known for CESC, its 122-year-old main power company, which Goenka has now split into four different businesses. The company has more than 44,000 employees and works in a lot of different areas, such as power, energy, retail, IT services, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), media, entertainment, farms, and making carbon black.

Sanjiv Goenka Net Worth

These things, along with the Spencer’s grocery store chain and the Too Yumm! snack business is run by his son Shashwat. Gonga owns it. He also owns the ATK football team and used to own the Rising Pune Supergiants cricket team in the Indian Premier League. The deal for the Lucknow IPL franchise was just signed by the RPSG Group. It was worth Rs 7,090 crore.

Social Media Accounts

Social MediaAccounts
Sanjiv Goenka InstagramSanjiv Goenka
Sanjiv Goenka FacebookSanjiv Goenka
Sanjiv Goenka TwitterSanjiv Goenka
Sanjiv Goenka YouTubeSanjiv Goenka

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Sanjiv Goenka is a well-known Indian businessman who has made a big difference as the head of the Kolkata-based RPSG Group. His birthday is January 29, 1961, and he was born in Kolkata. Growing up in a Marwari family taught him to set goals and work hard. The RPSG Group has grown thanks to his smart management. It now has assets worth $6 billion and makes $4.3 billion a year in sales across many industries, from entertainment to shopping. You can see how good Goenka is in many areas by looking at his work with teams like the Lucknow Super Giants and the Mohun Bagan Super Giants.


Going through Goenka’s story shows that with hard work and a clear goal, one can achieve great things in business and other areas as well. It has been said that she is on the Forbes list and that she has earned important awards like the Padma Bhushan.


Who is Sanjeev Goenka?

Sanjiv Goenka is an Indian businessman.

What is Sanjiv Goenka net worth?

Sanjiv Goenka’s current net worth is $3.44 billion.

How old is Sanjiv Goenka?

Sanjiv Goenka is 63 years old.

What are the businesses of Sanjiv Goenka?

Power, Carbon Black, IT-enabled services, Consumer & Retail, Media & Entertainment, Sports, Education & Infrastructure, and Plantations.

What is the qualification of Sanjiv Goenka?

Bachelor of Commerce Degree.