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Gift Nifty is the new name for the SGX Nifty, an index that tracks the performance of India’s Nifty 50 and was traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange. On July 3, 2023, Gift Nifty replaced SGX Nifty and relocated to Gandhinagar, India’s NSE International Exchange (NSE IX).

GIFT Nifty’s other names are GIFT Nifty Futures, GIFT Nifty Today Live, GIFT Nifty Live Chart, GIFT Nifty Live Price, GIFT Nifty Futures Live, and GIFT IFSC Nifty.

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What is GIFT Nifty?

The Indian stock market is tracked via a financial index named GIFT Nifty. It changed its name from SGX Nifty and shifted to the new international exchange NSE IFSC in (GIFT City) Gandhinagar district in Gujarat, India.

GIFT City, located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, is an international financial center designed to rival other prominent financial hubs globally, such as Singapore and Dubai. Established in 2007, the project gained momentum under the leadership of then-Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The city is envisioned as a self-sustained ecosystem, boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure, business-friendly policies, and a conducive environment for global financial services.

At the heart of GIFT City’s financial ecosystem lies Gift Nifty, a unique offering that sets the city apart from other financial centers. Gift Nifty refers to the Nifty 50 index, which represents the performance of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India.

Benefits of Gift Nifty:

  1. Global Recognition: Being a part of GIFT City’s IFSC, Gift Nifty Futures gains international recognition. Investors and traders worldwide can access and trade Gift Nifty, opening up new avenues for global financial integration.

  2. Tax Advantages: Transactions involving Gift Nifty may benefit from the tax incentives provided within GIFT City’s SEZ. This can be particularly attractive for investors looking to optimize their tax liabilities.

  3. 24×7 Trading: GIFT City operates on a 24×7 basis, allowing continuous trading and offering flexibility to investors across different time zones. This aligns with the global nature of financial markets and enhances liquidity.

Trading Hours of GIFT Nifty Futures?

Gift Nifty Futures Live trading timing is basically divided into two sessions.

  • Gift Nifty Opening Time
    In the Asia time zone, The GIFT NIFTY starts at 6:30 am (for 9 hours)
    And the 2nd session begins at 4:35 pm (10 hours)
  • Gift Nifty Closing Time
    The first session of GIFT NIFTY continues till 3:40 pm in the Asia time zone.
    The 2nd session till 2:45 am (the next day) targeting investors from the United States and Europe.

Benefits of Trade in GIFT Nifty Live:-

The GIFT NIFTY Live, or Gujarat International Finance Tec-City NIFTY, represents an index of the National Stock Exchange’s (NSE) Nifty 50 companies that are listed in the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) at GIFT City. Trade in GIFT NIFTY offers several benefits, contributing to the overall efficiency and growth of financial markets. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Global Exposure: GIFT NIFTY provides investors with an avenue to gain exposure to India’s leading Nifty 50 companies within an international financial center. This allows global investors to participate in India’s economic growth and market performance.

  2. 24-Hour Trading: The GIFT City operates round the clock, allowing for 24-hour trading in GIFT NIFTY. This extended trading window offers flexibility to investors, enabling them to react to global market developments and news in real time.

  3. Tax Benefits: GIFT City provides a favorable tax regime, including exemptions and concessions, making it an attractive destination for international investors. This can result in cost savings for market participants engaged in trading GIFT NIFTY.

  4. Currency Diversification: GIFT NIFTY is denominated in U.S. dollars, providing investors with currency diversification benefits. This can be particularly advantageous for global investors looking to manage currency risk in their portfolios.

  5. Access to a Well-Regulated Environment: GIFT City Futures Live
    is designed as an International Financial Services Centre with robust regulatory frameworks. Investors benefit from a well-regulated environment that promotes transparency, efficiency, and investor protection.

  6. Liquidity and Depth: Trading in GIFT NIFTY Live contributes to increased liquidity and depth in the market. The participation of global investors enhances market dynamics, making it easier for buyers and sellers to execute trades at competitive prices.

  7. Hedging Opportunities: GIFT NIFTY Futures Live provides a platform for investors to hedge their exposure to Indian equity markets. This is crucial for managing risk, especially in the context of international portfolios with exposure to diverse asset classes.

  8. Innovation in Financial Products: The development of GIFT City encourages innovation in financial products and services. This can lead to the introduction of new investment instruments and tools, fostering a dynamic and evolving financial ecosystem.

In summary, trade-in GIFT NIFTY Futures brings about a convergence of international financial standards with Indian markets, offering numerous advantages to investors, including global exposure, extended trading hours, tax benefits, currency diversification, regulatory robustness, enhanced liquidity, hedging opportunities, and a catalyst for financial innovation.

Things You Should Know Before Trading on GIFT Nifty.

GIFT Nifty, short for Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Nifty, is an index of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) that operates within the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City). Before diving into trading on GIFT Nifty Futures, it’s crucial to be aware of several key factors to make informed decisions and maximize your trading experience:

  • Jurisdiction and Regulations: GIFT City operates as a special economic zone with its own set of regulations. Traders should be well-versed with the jurisdiction-specific rules and guidelines governing trading activities in GIFT City Futures Live.
  • International Connectivity: GIFT City is designed to facilitate international financial services. Traders should understand the global connectivity and the impact of international events on the GIFT Nifty index.
  • Currency Considerations: Transactions in GIFT Nifty Futures are often conducted in foreign currencies. Traders should be familiar with exchange rates, currency conversion costs, and potential impacts on their trading positions.
  • Market Hours: GIFT Nifty may operate on different trading hours compared to other Indian exchanges. Traders should be aware of the specific market hours and plan their trades accordingly.
  • Tax Implications: Tax regulations in GIFT City may differ from those in other parts of India. Traders should seek professional advice to understand the tax implications of trading on GIFT Nifty and ensure compliance with applicable tax laws.
  • Infrastructure and Technology: GIFT City is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology. Traders should leverage advanced trading platforms and ensure they have a reliable internet connection to capitalize on the technological advantages offered.
  • Liquidity and Market Depth: As a relatively new financial center, GIFT Nifty may have different liquidity and market depth compared to established exchanges. Traders should assess the liquidity situation and factor it into their trading strategies.
  • Risk Management: Trading always involves risk, and GIFT Nifty is no exception. Traders should have robust risk management strategies in place, including setting stop-loss orders and managing leverage responsibly.
  • Research and Analysis: Thorough research and analysis are essential for successful trading. Traders should stay informed about global economic indicators, geopolitical events, and other factors influencing financial markets to make informed decisions.
  • Broker Selection: Choosing a reputable and regulated broker with experience in GIFT City is crucial. Traders should research and select a broker that offers the necessary tools, resources, and support for trading on GIFT Nifty.

By understanding these key considerations, traders can navigate the unique aspects of GIFT Nifty and make more informed decisions in this special economic zone. It’s advisable to stay updated on changes in regulations and market conditions to adapt trading strategies accordingly.